Our Original Desi Tees

We first started RAAHI to make and sell these Indian-themed graphic t-shirts to our friends and people we knew at our college campuses. Soon after, we started taking them to South Asian cultural events and dance competitions all over the U.S. Our original designs were at hit there because there was no other readily-available apparel specifically catering to the desi market.

raahi table at dD

Not only did these RAAHI tees give our clients a way to show their pride, but they also enabled us to increase our brand awareness and grow the graphics design side of our business as more people saw the shirts and asked where they came from.

The Indian Job


NAACH (dance) + Garba/Raas/Bhangranaachshirtred




True G (Gandhi)  truegwomens

MAYA (The Matrix)


Om (ambigram)


I am what I eat (Vegetarian)shirtfrontraahit 008



American Born Confused Pardesi

abcpboxraahit 001

RAAHI Chicago logoraahit 005